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A guide to mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Your wedding day is all about uniqueness: you’re celebrating the one-of-a-kind love you found with that one special person, surrounded by your favorite people who are all wonderful in their own special way. This is something to celebrate! Echoing this uniqueness in your wedding will not only convey your individuality to your guests, but it will make your wedding feel more like your own. A great way to bring in that essence of personality is to have your bridesmaids show off their own style with mismatched bridesmaid dresses. But how do you do this, while also keeping your dream wedding theme? It might seem tricky, but we're here to guide you through the process. Read this article for six tips to create an ensemble of mismatched bridesmaid dresses that achieves the right balance of personality and picture-perfect.

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Celebrate the individual

Clothing is one of our favorite ways to display our individuality. Instead of conforming to a single style, or assigning specific dresses to your bridesmaids, encourage them to choose dresses that reflect their personalities and preferences. It is your wedding, so feel free to remind them to stick to certain guidelines.

Try to give them as much freedom as possible, without sacrificing your vision.

Choose a unifying element

While the goal is to create a harmonious blend of styles, incorporating a unifying element can tie the look together. Whether it’s a shared color palette, fabric texture, or even a common accessory like a necklace or barrette, it will help maintain a cohesive aesthetic, while still allowing each bridesmaid to shine.

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Play with color

Gone are the days of strictly adhering to a single color scheme. Experiment with shades from the same color family, or consider a gradient effect, where dresses transition from light to dark. You can choose multiple colors while mixing and matching styles within them for even more uniqueness!

Embrace various silhouettes

Diversity in silhouettes can truly elevate the overall visual impact of your bridal party. Encourage your bridesmaids to explore different dress shapes that flatter their individual body types. From flowing A-lines to sophisticated sheaths, the mix of shapes will create a dynamic and visually engaging look.

First Dance Tips Siempre Utah Wedding Venue

Stay open to the possibilities

Share your vision with your bridesmaids, while also being receptive to their input. Consider setting up a virtual shopping day or creating a shared Pinterest board where everyone can contribute their dress suggestions. This collaborative approach ensures everyone feels heard and involved in the decision-making process — and it might lead to some amazing dress combinations!

Help your bridesmaids feel confident

As women, and especially as friends and family members, we should build each other up! While it’s important to protect your wedding vision, remember your bridesmaids could be sensitive about being told what to wear, or even just choosing a dress they feel comfortable in.

Get them excited about their individual beauty, and remind them that they’re playing their own unique part in creating your wedding’s look — which won’t be complete without them.

We hope these tips come in handy as you work on curating your own visually stunning array of mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

No matter how things play out, we know your wedding will be fabulous, because it will be unique to you, and it will celebrate the people you love most.

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