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7 tips to prepare for your first dance

As your wedding day approaches, you and your sweetheart must be feeling a whirlwind of excitement and emotions, including anticipation for that romantic first slow dance. It’s one of the most cherished moments of your wedding, for you and for your loved ones, because it’s not just a dance: it's a symbol of unity, love, and the beginning of your journey as husband and wife. This added pressure might make the leadup to your dance a little nerve-wracking, but with the right tips, you’ll be ready to dance into your new life with your partner!

First Dance Tips Siempre Utah Wedding Venue

1. Take dance lessons together.

If you're feeling a bit nervous about your dance skills, consider taking dance lessons with your partner. Not only is it a fun way to bond as a couple, but it will help you get used to dancing together. You’ll both feel more comfortable and confident when it’s time for your first dance, because it won’t actually be your first!

2. Find the song that speaks to you.

If you and your partner have “your” song, use it! Or, find a new song that conveys how you feel about each other. Dancing to music that holds sentimental meaning, whether because of your history together or the power of the lyrics, will make your dance so much more special.

The right song can change your first dance from just a performance to a deeply connective memory for you and your partner.

First Dance Tips Siempre Utah Wedding Venue

3. Choreograph the whole dance

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to add a little theatrical flair to your first dance. In fact, while this might not matter to every couple, a choreographed dance can be much more entertaining and exciting for your guests. Be sure to plan according to you and your fiance’s skill level. And instead of focusing on intricate moves, let your heart lead the way.

Whether it's a slow, romantic waltz or a playful sway to your favorite song, choose a dance style that resonates with both of your personalities and the essence of your relationship.
First Dance Tips Siempre Utah Wedding Venue

4. Make it yours.

While traditional first dances are heartwarming, don't be afraid to put your own twist on the moment. If you both love a certain style of music or have a shared hobby, incorporate it into your dance. Whether it's a surprise dip, a playful twirl, or a funny move that will surprise your guests, infuse your personalities into the dance and make it unique to both of you.

5. Practice, practice, practice!

We know as the big day approaches, you’re going to have less and less time to perfect your pirouettes, but if you can, make time for dance practice. Even if it’s not together, or even if it’s just for ten minutes, practicing is important, especially if your dance is choreographed. With every practice you have, you and your partner will continue building confidence until it’s time to take the floor.

First Dance Tips Siempre Utah Wedding Venue

6. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

We understand: everyone will be watching. And you probably have a specific vision for how your first dance will be. But you’ll feel so much better if you let go of your expectations and just focus on enjoying yourself. Remember that your first dance is about celebrating your love, not flawless execution. Lean into those giggle-worthy missteps.

The truth is, your guests will appreciate the genuine connection you share way more than any choreographed routine.
First Dance Tips Siempre Utah Wedding Venue

7. Savor the moment.

After being caught up in the excitement and high energy of the ceremony and reception, the first dance is a moment for just the two of you. Take a deep breath, look into each other's eyes, and let the world fade away.

There's nothing quite like holding each other close as you embark on the incredible journey of marriage together.

We hope these tips have eased your mind as you prepare for that first special dance. Remember, it's not about perfect moves or elaborate choreography. It's about celebrating the love that brought you together — and the promise to dance through life hand in hand.

So take a deep breath, choose your favorite song, and enjoy every minute.

At Siempre Weddings, not only do we have gorgeous wood floors that would be the perfect dance floor, but we also have an amazing staff ready to help bring your wedding dreams to life. If you can see you and your partner dancing at our luxury wedding destination, we’d love to meet you! Schedule a tour today!


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