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From fourteen-year friendship to forever: Romina and Chris’s Love Story

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

We might say this for every story, but this newest installment of our favorite Love Story blog series was too adorable for words. We sat down with Romina Eixenberger to learn more about how she met her now husband, Chris, the long and cute history of how they fell in love, and, of course, all the details of their beautiful June wedding. Read on to learn more!

Romina and Chris’s Love Story Siempre Utah wedding draper

Romina and Chris’s long history began when they were just sixteen years old, as sophomores at Brighton High School in Utah. “We coincidentally had mutual friends, and became really great friends in high school within the same friend group,” Romina explained. But the two never dated, and kept dating other people while staying amazing friends. That is, until they reconnected at age twenty. Chris even helped Romina through a difficult breakup.

“Chris was my best friend through the whole thing. He got me through it, and helped me to know my value, and what I deserved. He made me see something I did not see at the moment at all.”

Romina also thinks that sharing this experience with Chris helped him to see her in a new light. “I shared a more vulnerable side of me with him that I don’t usually share,” she said. As they continued to connect on an emotional level, they realized they were falling in love. And then, on March 31st, 2016, with a deep friendship as their foundation, the two became official.

Of the thirteen years that the two had known each other, they’d been dating for six of them when Chris, who was in Connecticut for a med school trip, told Romina she needed to go pick up a ski pass at the Snowbird ski resort. “I had never gotten a ski pass before. I’m not a skier,” Romina laughed. “So I had no idea what it was supposed to be like.”

Romina and Chris’s Love Story Siempre Utah wedding draper

But on the day that Chris instructed her, she drove to the resort and arrived to see hardly anyone around. A little confused, she headed to the entrance according to Chris’s instructions, and then noticed some posters with her name on them. She saw her best friend’s handwriting, some other friends’ as well, and then, when she saw her niece and nephew’s handwriting, she realized she was about to be proposed to. Sure enough, Chris stood in a perfect spot to see the sunset, not in Connecticut at all, but surrounded by roses, ready to propose to the woman he loved.

Romina didn’t find out until later how challenging it was for Chris to get to that scenic sunset spot. Not only did he miss a layover to get home, but once he arrived, thanks to the help of a compassionate flight attendant, he was exhausted, and had to smoothly act normal during their nightly phone call. He also recruited a friend to help interpret while he asked her parents, who only spoke Spanish, if it was alright to propose to their daughter.

“He went above and beyond,” Romina smiled. “And it was a very beautiful moment, catching me completely off-guard.”
Romina and Chris’s Love Story Siempre Utah wedding draper

Romina found Siempre on a reception venue website when she accidentally included Draper as one of the location options. On the exact same day, Romina’s sister texted her the Siempre Instagram page.

“I know what ‘siempre’ means, because I’m Latina,” Romina smiled. “It means, ‘forever and always.’ And the moment she sent that to me, I was like, ‘Maybe it’s meant to be.’”
Romina and Chris’s Love Story Siempre Utah wedding draper

Romina especially felt that way because the venue completely aligned with her and Chris’s wishes. “We wanted to find something classy and timeless, but also with the beautiful views that Utah has. And the moment we walked into Siempre, we were pretty sure that it was where our wedding was going to be.” Romina also got to meet our founder, Golden Holt, while he was there, and absolutely loved it. “He made me feel like no matter what I was thinking, they were going to help me create it. It felt like they were saying, ‘This is your masterpiece. You’re the one painting. And we’re just behind you making sure that everything’s the way that you’re seeing it.’” This even included the chef from our food partner, Magleby's Catering, learning how to create and perfect a specific Peruvian dish, lomo saltado, that Romina wanted to have at her wedding.

Romina and Chris chose a timeless color scheme of dusty blue, sage green, and tan, with splashes of greenery and black. In front of 100 people, the two lovebirds vowed to truly be best friends forever, under the gorgeous Siempre rotunda, which was beautifully adorned with soft drapery and florals.

Now, a month into their marriage Romina plans to finish her social work license, while Chris keeps plugging away through med school. The two also plan to explore Peru and Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, together, and maybe meet with some old friends. Either way, the two are delighted to embark on this new chapter of life together, with such a long history as the perfect foundation.

It was an absolute pleasure to help this pair of best friends celebrate their love, and to bring their dream wedding to a reality. We wish them nothing but the best as they start a whole new adventure hand-in-hand!
Romina and Chris’s Love Story Siempre Utah wedding draper

If you enjoyed reading about how we helped Romina and Chris with their gorgeous June wedding, and think we could do the same for your vision, we’d love to meet you! Click here to schedule a tour.

Our vendors so far:

Flowers: Brown Floral

Music: DJ Pbaby

Photography: Jax Browning

Videography: Emma Gillett

Lighting: Moonlight Utah

Cake was done by Julie


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