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The Inspiration Behind Siempre: Golden Holt

Siempre Weddings was the talk of the Utah wedding scene even before it had been built, and we have loved seeing our impact on couples across the country.

Our founder, Golden Holt, put his heart and soul into every detail of this venue.

His own dream — to leave behind a legacy that celebrates love forever — has come true in Siempre’s creation.

We sat down with Golden to discuss some of the most lovely features of the venue, where they came from, and what they mean to him.

What is the meaning behind “Siempre?”

Siempre is Spanish for “always.” Golden loved the idea of “always” for a wedding venue because it emphasizes the beautiful devotion and endurance that marriage means for so many. That’s also why we named our two rooms the “Always” and “Forever” rooms.

What is the significance of the breathtaking Siempre rotunda?

The Siempre Rotunda is our most iconic feature, and not just because of its beauty. It’s modeled after a famous rotunda at Golden’s favorite golf course, Pelican Hills in California.

“I think [Siempre] is the best spot in Utah,” he explained. “So it deserves the best when it comes to architecture and presentation.”

Golden loved the Pelican Hills rotunda and thought of it as a masterpiece of architecture. He knew he would need his own version at Siempre.

His favorite part of the rotunda is the tiled roof. Every single one of its 5,500 terra cotta tiles was hand-kilned, making this Siempre landmark an artisan masterpiece. “I love the whole connection to romance,” Golden said. “And to tell my brides, ‘Each of those tiles is one of a kind — and you're one of a kind.’”

Inspiration for a legacy

Golden took inspiration from the places he loves, particularly places that impacted him emotionally.

One of the inspirations for making Siempre his legacy project comes from an unexpectedly life-changing moment in Golden’s life. In fact, talking about this experience still strikes an emotional chord.

Fifteen years ago, a friend had inspired him to become more mindful of his surroundings and to keep a journal. Shortly after, Golden visited Pelican Hills, his favorite golf course. To Golden, the seventeenth hole of the Pelican Hills golf course is the most beautiful hole in the world.

“On that hole is one tree,” he explained. Seeing this one tree was a powerful experience for Golden, who had just finished designing a spot at Thanksgiving Point with 20,000 trees. “And what dawned on me,” Golden said, “was that one is enough…one person can have a great influence in the world, just like that one tree. You just have to recognize it — and let it be part of your life.”

Siempre Weddings is more than a wedding venue. It’s Golden Holt’s passion project. He made every effort to bring nothing but the best for our couples, pulling from his life-changing experiences to do so.

Next time you step onto our beautiful grounds, we hope you can recognize Golden’s passion — and feel the love and care that went into every detail of his vision.

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