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Piece By Piece

Siempre is long underway and coming together piece by piece. The changing of the seasons has taken our breath away and created a magnificent backdrop for watching each piece come together perfectly during construction. The whole town is buzzing with excitement as they drive by to enjoy the view of the city, the fall leaves and a quick peek at our progress.

Siempre’s Rotunda garden has started to take shape. Inspired by the vistas at Pelican Hill, our Rotunda tells a story all on its own. It is as unique as each individual who will experience their life changing moment beneath it. There are 5700 individual hand made tiles covering its dome top that have to be pieced together much like a jigsaw puzzle. Watching the top of the Rotunda be put into place with a giant crane forced us all to imagine the priceless memories that will be captured under this remarkable structure.

We are on track to open March of 2022, in the meantime we are enjoying watching each detail come together piece by piece. What a privilege it has been to meet with numerous brides and grooms that are booking now to plan their perfect day at the perfect place!

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