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A love forged in Laie - Isabel and Stone’s Love Story

It’s time for the August installment of our favorite Love Story series! This time, we got to know the new Mrs. Isabel Togiai, who married her wonderful husband Stone, on June 15th of this year. Read this article to learn more about these adorable newlyweds, including how they met, how Stone proposed, and how we helped them make their gorgeous ceremony and Samoan/Tongan-inspired reception an occasion to remember.

Isabel and Stone’s Love Story Siempre Wedding Utah

Though they might not have called it a date at the time, Isabel remembers their first date at the beginning of 2019: sneaking into the hot tubs at Turtle Bay Resort. “I think this was not allowed,” she laughed.

Isabel and Stone’s Love Story Siempre Wedding Utah

Any love story that starts in Hawaii is bound to be dreamy — and Isabel and Stone were no exception. The two lovebirds met in Hawaii in September of 2018, while Isabel was attending BYU-Hawaii and Stone was living with his family.

Some mutual friends were meeting up at the local 7-11, one of the only hangout spots open at night. Isabel and Stone hit it off immediately. “We became really good friends for a while,” Isabel said. “We had a fun little group where we’d do everything together. And then all of a sudden, we were just like, ‘Hey, we kinda like each other.’”

And even though a friend tagged along, Isabel remembers having an incredible evening with Stone. It was so incredible, that later that night, when it was time to head home, she took the plunge and very pointedly dropped their friend off first. “That was kind of a big hint, because both his friend and I lived on campus, and Stone lived off campus with his family. So when I dropped him off, I think it confused both of them."

With romantic tension crackling between them, Isabel and Stone drove up to The Point, a beautiful lookout spot in Laie. After gazing for a while at the gorgeous view below, Stone turned to Isabel and sweetly asked if he could kiss her.

“It was crazy, because we had just been like, really good friends for so long,” she smiled. “I feel like the kiss kind of changed everything.”
Isabel and Stone’s Love Story Siempre Wedding Utah

They had only been dating for a couple months before Stone said he wanted to marry Isabel, and that he loved her. “Of course we waited, and dated for much longer,” Isabel chuckled.

“But when you know, you know.”

Then, on a gorgeous Hawaiian Easter morning in 2022, the two enjoyed a simple breakfast together. It felt like any other cozy, casual morning. Until, after breakfast, Stone suggested they take their dog Cleo on a walk. Still suspecting nothing, Isabel, of course, said yes.

Isabel and Stone’s Love Story Siempre Wedding Utah

After driving up the beautiful Emigration Canyon and being led by Stone down a picturesque hiking trail, Isabel found herself at a beautiful spot laid with an adorable picnic blanket, rose petals, fairy lights…and his friends hiding in the bushes with their cameras.

“When I saw his friends, I knew,” she giggled. But it didn’t change the joy she felt seeing the man she loved get down on one knee, and profess his deep love and desire to be with her forever.

Isabel found out about Siempre, because Stone proposed right when Siempre was opening — perfect timing! She knew she was getting engaged, so she started researching venues early, with hopes to find exactly what she was looking for. “I think I was on The Knot, or maybe Zola, and I put ‘modern, contemporary, and can hold over 350 guests,’ and Siempre was number one.”

Every time that Isabel toured Siempre — which was several times, as she went once with her mom, then another with Stone, and then another with her mother-in-law, she was always thrilled. “Every time I went, I just was like, ‘I cannot believe I’m getting married here. Like, every room is so beautiful.” On top of that, as someone who worked directly in the wedding industry, she knew all the Utah venues. “I didn’t know a lot of people that had gotten married at Siempre, so it just felt like my own.”

The lovebirds chose to have their ceremony, dinner, and reception at Siempre. In front of 120 of their closest friends and loved ones, Isabel and Stone pledged to be best friends forever beneath the iconic Siempre rotunda. Then, after a more intimate dinner, the beaming bride and groom had a reception with over 300 guests.

The pair purposefully didn’t have a color scheme. Instead, they filled their wedding with peonies and hydrangeas, Isabel’s favorite flowers, and Samoan and Tongan traditions to honor Stone’s heritage.

Isabel and Stone’s Love Story Siempre Wedding Utah

The flowers added softness and elegance, while still achieving a seasonal look. “That was the theme I wanted — classic and elegant, but still fun and colorful.”

Isabel also loved introducing her husband’s Samoan and Tongan culture to their guests — and experiencing it herself. One of Stone’s aunts taught her how to do a taualuga, a celebratory dance, and then Stone and his male cousins, uncles, and friends did a Samoan dance and a Tahitian dance. To top it off, everyone did a traditional hula, too!

When asked what’s next for the two newlyweds, Isabel gave some exciting news: they’re expecting a baby boy in December! “Of course we found out right before the wedding, so I was just like, ‘Okay, this adds a whole element to our special day,” she laughed. “I think it made it more special for us.” The two are preparing to welcome their son into the world, and to build a stable and fun environment for their future family.

It was an absolute honor to help Isabel and Stone unite two families — and two cultures. We wish them all the joys that come with parenthood and as they embark on their new journey as husband and wife! Click here to schedule a tour.


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