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Five Festive Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter is a magical time, with all its wonderful holidays and the joy of ringing in a new year. Cold weather makes us want to get cozy, and surround ourselves with who we love most. This makes it the perfect time to have a dreamy, festive, winter wedding!

If you’ve started planning your own winter wedding, or are helping somebody plan theirs, and you’re hunting for some festive wedding inspiration, read this article for five winter wedding ideas that will make your special day unforgettable.

Add splashes of jewel tones

Many winter wedding planners choose a snowy, all-white color palette, which adds its own winter wonderland feel. Another direction to take is to include rich, winter-friendly colors like emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, and sapphire blue. These jewel tones add a luxurious warmth that your guests will see and feel. There are ample places to add splashes of these gorgeous hues, from velvet bridesmaid dresses, to table runners, to flowers, and even the bride’s lips!

Incorporate festive flora

Whether it’s holly berries or evergreen, there are plenty of opportunities to add a touch of natural charm to your indoor wedding. You can hang lovely wreaths, trim banisters with cedar branches, or even add an intentionally-placed bundle of mistletoe. Besides just placing flowers and greenery in strategic spots, we’ve seen dried fruit and cinnamon sticks used to decorate place settings, or even solid ice buckets infused with cranberries and pine sprigs to keep champagne bottles chilled.

Serve hot, festive drinks and food

Especially for an outdoor winter wedding, don’t make your guests spend your special day shivering! Warm them up with delicious, wintery delicacies. You can opt for a classic hot chocolate bar with all your favorite fixings, or serve other hot drinks like mulled wine or cider. To really get in the winter spirit, provide your guests with a festive, hearty feast, like a roast with root vegetables or gourmet sandwiches and soup.

Stay warm, but make a statement

You don’t want to freeze at your wedding, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dream look! Don a glamorous, faux-fur lined cape for a sophisticated feel, or even a faux-fur coat for a luxurious addition to your dress. If you’re leaning toward a more casual aesthetic, opt for a cute jean or leather jacket, and make it personalized with your names or the date of your wedding for a sentimental touch. There’s also nothing wrong with keeping things simple, with a stylish silk shawl or shrug.

A fun winter sendoff

Fill your guests with festive spirit as they send you and your sweetheart off. We’ve seen people use lovely natural “confetti,” like wintery spices or flower petals, which are much better for the environment and much easier to clean up. For a musical experience, hand out cute silver jingle bells for your guests to ring while you wave your goodbyes.

At Siempre, we want to make all of your dreams for your special day come true and are eager to help with everything. Our spacious venue is the perfect destination for an indoor or outdoor winter wedding. Contact us to tell us about your dream wedding. We’d love to help you make it a reality.

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