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Wedding Trends We're Predicting for 2023 at Siempre

At Siempre, we can’t believe 2022 is coming to a close so soon. We’ve adored helping so many incredible couples make their wedding dreams come true this year. We’re also so excited for this next year, and all the gorgeous weddings that will happen at our venue. In fact, as we anticipate next year’s weddings, we’ve made some predictions about 2023 wedding trends you don’t want to miss. If you’re planning a wedding next year and need some inspiration, read on for five big 2023 wedding trends we’re keeping our eyes on.

Creative guestbooks

Having your guests’ well-wishes and expressions of love in written form is such a wonderful keepsake for your wedding. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to keep the traditional wedding guestbook. We’ve seen some innovative ways for guests to send their well-wishes, such as writing on the backs of polaroid photos, or even recording voice messages. These creative “guestbooks” are so much more individual and tailored to each guest, making them that much more precious.

Smaller bouquets

Lots of brides are switching out gigantic, gaudy bouquets for quaint nosegays. Not only are smaller bridal bouquets more cost-effective, but they’re also a perfect vintage-inspired touch for your special day. We’ve been seeing petite bouquets pop up in weddings everywhere, with brides using subtle yet gorgeous blooms like baby’s breath, lavender, and forget-me-nots.

Private last dances

Imagine swaying with your sweetheart to your favorite love song, with nobody else but you two sharing such a beautiful, romantic moment. This is what many couples are choosing — to have their last dance in a private, intimate space. We’ve also seen couples meet in a quiet space right after the ceremony, as a way to reconnect and calm down before the excitement of the reception. It’s the perfect opportunity to just stare into each other’s eyes, take a deep breath, and ponder your future together.

Smaller guest lists

Speaking of intimacy, we’ve noticed that couples are being much more purposeful with who they invite to their special day. Though the darkest days of the pandemic are over, being isolated from our loved ones renewed the importance of family and friends. Couples have realized that they really want to celebrate with the most cherished people in their lives. We predict that smaller, more intimate receptions are here to stay.

Candid photos

We love how couples and their guests are leaning in to being more real and unposed in wedding photos. You’d be surprised at how beautiful even blurry photos can be, because of the movement and joy that they capture. Keeping things messy and unrehearsed adds life to your wedding photos, letting your genuine love and personality shine through.

We hope this has been an exciting glimpse into the future, and that we’ve inspired you for your own upcoming 2023 wedding. At Siempre, we do everything in our power to make every couple’s wedding experience the best it can be, down to the tiniest detail.

If you think our luxury destination would be a good fit for your wedding, contact us now to schedule a tour.

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