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5 Tips For Booking A Wedding Venue in Draper

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Planning a wedding? Looking for a wedding venue in Draper? These five tips are for you!

As wedding industry professionals, we're here to give you our top five tips for choosing your perfect wedding venue.

#1: Decide on a price range.

Before booking tours with event venues in Draper, be sure to lock down a general budget for your venue. Having a set budget for a venue can help you narrow down where to book tours based on cost.

#2: Keep your wedding date flexible.

You've found the perfect wedding reception center.. and your date is booked. Having multiple dates in mind can eliminate the issue of your dream venue being unavailable.

#3: Take a tour... and ASK questions.

During your tour, ask questions about capacity, inclusive options, time restrictions, day of coordinators, and any other concerns you have.

#4: More and MORE TOURS.

Be sure to take tours of all the venues you're interested in. This is YOUR day. View all of the possibilities. Doing this can make you more confident in your wedding venue decision.

#5: Reserve. Reserve. Reserve.

Event venues in Utah vary in the ways you can book your date. Make sure you make a deposit, or follow the required steps to ensure your date is booked.

Implementing these five tips can help you decide on the best wedding venue! Looking for more wedding tips? Comment below!

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