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7 Fun (and Utah-local!) Wedding Favor Ideas

One of the best parts of your wedding day is celebrating your love with your most cherished friends and family. And what better way to thank your guests for celebrating than with a Utah-local wedding favor? With so many different options, you’ll find your perfect wedding favor in no time — especially with our handy list below to get you started. Here are seven Utah-local wedding favor ideas to get the inspiration flowing!

Siempre wedding favor ideas Cache Toffee
Photo Credit: Cache Toffee

Toffee Boxes

Who can resist the rich, buttery flavor of toffee? It's a treat that's sure to be a hit with all of your guests. And if you’re looking for a great local Utah toffee company, you’re in luck. Cache Toffee Collection is a Utah-based company that creates delicious, artisanal toffee in a variety of flavors. The best part? They offer personalized favor boxes, so you can add your own special touch to your treats.

Mini Honey Jars

Honey is a classic wedding favor that symbolizes the sweet start of life with your sweetheart. It’s also a healthy alternative to other sugary treats, and has a variety of uses for your guests to enjoy. Our favorite Utah honey company, Local Honeyman, offers a variety of flavored honeys, from fruity to flowery. A tiny jar of fresh, organic honey will put a smile on every guest’s face.

Salt Bottles

As a nod to your wedding location in "Salt" Lake City County, consider giving small jars or bottles of kosher salt for your guests to add flavor to their favorite meals. If you’re wondering where to find local Utah salt, the popular brand Redmond Salt is mined right here in Utah. Their all-natural, unrefined sea salt makes a unique and thoughtful gift.

Siempre Wedding Favor Ideas


You can never go wrong with chocolate, and luckily, there are plenty of Utah chocolate companies to pick from. One of our personal favorites is Utah Truffles. They offer a variety of rich chocolate treats, from chocolate mint to caramel and sea salt, and their tiny size is perfect for wedding favors.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a versatile, sophisticated, and delicious gift that your guests will appreciate, especially with an artisan touch. Choose a traditional flavor or spice things up with a fancy infusion, like cayenne or even blood orange. Both of these flavors are available at Redstone Olive Oil, a local Utah company that offers a variety of high-quality gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Siempre Wedding Favor Ideas

Succulents or Seeds

For a more natural and sustainable option, consider giving small succulents or seeds as wedding favors for your loved ones. Succulents are easy to care for and add a touch of greenery to any space. You could even include a note with care instructions, so your guests can keep their succulents thriving long after the wedding. To find small succulents, check your local nursery.


A classic and practical wedding favor, mints are a great way to thank your guests for attending your special day. But you don’t have to stick with Altoids — Fernwood Candy offers delicious mint sandwiches right out of Cottonwood Heights. These thin, creamy treats are a great way to remind your guests that you and your sweetheart are “mint” to be.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to gift favors that are both memorable and meaningful to your guests. And if your vision still hasn’t quite come together, why not come visit our gorgeous Siempre wedding destination? At Siempre, we’re devoted to making your fondest wedding dreams come true, and do everything in our power to make your special day effortless. Click here to schedule a tour.

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