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A rooftop romance — How Taylor and Daylor got engaged

One of our favorite things about hosting a couple’s dream wedding is learning what makes them unique. We sat down with Taylor and Daylor to learn about their love story and the amazing story of how Daylor proposed.

Taylor, our bride, and Daylor, our groom met while working at a software company in Lehi, Utah. Being coworkers is one of the reasons why Taylor was not interested in dating her now fiance, besides the fact that their names rhymed. But Daylor was confident he would win Taylor’s heart. “I always joked with her: ‘All it takes is one date, and you’ll know,’” Daylor explained. And he was right.

“I knew it was the right fit when we were walking to the car after dinner on our first date,” Taylor explained, all smiles. “I didn’t want to say it because he would always tell me I would know after one date…and I did.”

The sweet couple’s engagement story was absolutely magical and involved a lot of planning and support from Taylor’s amazing coworkers.

For background, Taylor loves Chicago, and loves meeting up with her friends in her favorite city. Her work attended a conference every year in Chicago, which was the perfect time for Daylor to propose. Months in advance, he spoke to Taylor’s bosses about his proposal idea, telling them to make sure she would go to the conference. “She fought it so hard,” Daylor laughed. “She tried to get out of that conference, like, ten times.” Eventually, Taylor agreed to attend, especially because Daylor told her he had his own “business trip” that same week in Texas.

While she was working at the conference, Taylor became engrossed in a mysterious text conversation with one of her good friends, Derek. He told her he needed to see her right away, and to meet him at a bar that just happened to be one of Taylor’s favorite spots in the city. At first, she protested, not wanting to leave her team behind. “All of my coworkers, who knew that Daylor was proposing, were like, ‘You should go! We don’t need you here, it’s totally fine!’” Once Taylor got there, she was pretty confused and frustrated. She completely believed that Daylor was in Texas, so she had no suspicions about being proposed to. She followed Derek up to the rooftop, and was completely caught off guard.

Daylor was waiting for her, dressed in a tuxedo.

Snow fell, soft music played, and the rooftop lights glimmered, the Chicago River catching the glow from down below. Daylor asked Taylor to marry him, and when she said yes, all of Taylor’s family and friends (who had flown in for the occasion) leaped from their hiding spots. After the proposal, the whole group ate a delicious dinner, and had a wonderful night making memories and celebrating the elated couple.

Taylor and Daylor are making their love official in June 2023. We loved hearing about this magical engagement story — and cannot wait to help Taylor and Daylor have an equally magical wedding.


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