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Sparks that could light up a city — Kristen and Kai’s love story

We love sitting down with our brides and grooms to learn more about their love stories and how they’re personally making their wedding a fairytale.

This week, we chatted with Kristen Dietch about how she met her fiance, Kai, and about her lovely June wedding.

Kristen and Kai's love story at Siempre Utah Draper Wedding Venue

Kai stepped into Kristen’s life out of nowhere. “That’s always what happens, right?” she chuckled. “When you’re not looking?”

At the time, she was recovering from a recently ended relationship, and was not looking to date at all. But what she thought was just a casual hangout with her best friend Emily and Emily’s friends actually changed her life forever. Kai was “that person, who reaches out to you, and touches your soul and just makes you believe in love again.”

In another turn of events that could only be described as fate, Kristen fell in love with the Siempre Utah venue before it was even a reality.

As an architecture major, she has a passion for large, breathtaking buildings. When Siempre followed her business page on Instagram, she saw the renderings for Siempre and became immediately infatuated with the gorgeous designs, especially with the incredible Siempre Rotunda. She and Golden, our founder, instantly connected over his vision, in a powerful and emotional way. Kristen knew that Siempre was where she and her sweetheart Kai would have their special day.

Before they had their wedding, Kristen and Kai were actually already married. When the pandemic began, they realized they might not get a chance to make their love and devotion official. Their marriage was the last that their courthouse officiated before everything shut down. Happier than ever and with an adorable five-year-old daughter, they wanted to celebrate their love with the world.

We loved Kristen’s gorgeous wedding theme — modern whimsical.

As Kristen explained, “He is modern and I am whimsical.” They brought this theme to life with black, white, and gold wedding colors, dreamy green accents, and pearls to add a touch of timelessness. The main flowers were anemones — delicate, soft, and romantic.

Though the gorgeous colors, pearls, and flowers made their day special in one way, Kristen’s favorite part was her horse-drawn carriage, for a very specific reason. For her mother’s wedding, Kristen’s father had a horse-drawn carriage carry his bride to their cathedral. Kristen wanted to pay special homage to this beautiful romantic gesture. Though her mother has now passed, the love between her and her husband will continue — because their love is what inspired their daughter to find her own.

And Kristen did find love — a love that caught her off guard with how immediate the connection was.

“It was like I’d known him for my entire life. And the energy that he brought to the room, the energy between us…the sparks could have lit up a whole blacked-out city.”

On Thursday, June 2, Kristen and Kai celebrated their love with the world. It was an absolute honor for Siempre Utah to make their day as special as they’ve been dreaming for years.

Celebrating their love story at Siempre Utah

Meet the team behind Kristin & Kai's perfect day

Makeup: @cherisa.mua

Lashes and Brows: @lash_house_lash_artistry

Planner: @evergreenivy

Harpist: @bjacksonharp

Videographer: @forevermorefilms

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