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Outdoor Wedding Spaces - Which One to Choose?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Have you always dreamed of having your wedding ceremony outside in a beautiful setting? Siempre has you covered. We have two beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony locations that might have you wondering which one to choose.

The Rotunda Garden is full of romantic vibes. Why settle on a space with a gazebo when your special day truly deserves a rotunda. The garden area on this space will fulfil every wish on your ceremony list. Picture your guests standing from their chairs as they watch you enter from the amazing staircase and walk down the isle to the Rotunda where you and your significant other exchange vows in one of the most charming and iconic places there is. You and your guests will enjoy the Gardens and the most beautiful views of the Salt Lake Valley.

The Secret Garden is a very private and intimate space. Part of this space is a garden area to be enjoyed by all your wedding guests. You can make your grand entrance through the castle door and walk down the isle under the beautiful arbor to meet your special person on the other side that overlooks all of the Salt Lake Valley. Just envision that with your special song playing and the twinkling city lights in the background. LOVE!

Two very unique and special ceremony spaces will make it very hard indeed to choose which one will become part of your special day.

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James Hope
James Hope
Mar 13, 2022

This venue looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product!

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