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Cute and cozy newlyweds: Brinley and Brecken’s love story

On October 6th, 2022, Siempre helped Brinley and Brecken make their love official after five years of growing together. A month later, we sat down with the happy couple to chat with them about how they met, how they fell for each other, and how Siempre made their special day magical.

It all began in high school. Brinley always knew about Brecken from school, but never really knew him. He was a grade above her, and though her best friend growing up was super close to him, they never truly hung out until their first date, set up thanks to their mutual friends.

But even though they’d barely talked beforehand, the connection was instantaneous. In fact, their first kiss was the night of their first date, after they enjoyed a full day at the Love Loud music festival at UVU. After having a blast at the festival, Brecken drove her home, and they kissed. Brinley had a crush on him for an entire year before their first date, so when they kissed, she was so twitterpated she had no idea how to react. “I got out of the car after, and I fist-bumped him,” Brinley laughed. “And I said, ‘Okay, see ya later, dude.’

After that magical first date, Brinley and Brecken kept dating, growing individually and as a couple for five years. They got to support each other through many milestones, including both of them graduating high school and college. They adopted two animals together, a cat named Milo and a dog named Dewey.

I feel like we’ve kind of just gone through life together,Brecken explained.

The two knew they’d found the right partner when they realized that they found home within each other. “Her apartment felt more like home than mine,” Brecken admitted. And Brinley agreed. “I’ve always felt like Brecken is a safe space,” she explained.

“I feel like I can be my truest self with him. I liked being around him, and I liked who I was when I was around him, too.”

After five years of supporting each other through thick and thin, Brinley and Brecken agreed that it was time to get married. Brecken said he was buying a ring, which Brinley knew meant she could start planning. “I knew he was going to propose, but I had no actual idea when.” And Brecken was very sneaky. He suggested a casual date night, but had Brinley choose most of what they were going to do right in the moment to make it seem less planned. They went to dinner at Maria Bonita in Orem, Brinley’s favorite Mexican restaurant. Then, they headed up to Sundance to enjoy the moonlight lift ride. “I was so nervous that everything wasn’t going to work out,” Brecken said.

And Brinley added, “He was acting super weird, I will tell you that.” But even with her then boyfriend’s nerves, Brinley had no idea what was coming. “He proposed to me on the lift,” she smiled. “It felt like we were all alone up there, and everything was sparkly. It was perfect.”

With an official proposal, Brinley started scheduling tours for different venues. Siempre was the first one that she found through, though she booked several more tours besides the Siempre venue. But Brinley couldn’t get Siempre out of her head. “You go to other places, and then you’re just thinking about Siempre,” she laughed. “Like, ‘This just doesn’t even compare.’” In fact, she said she couldn’t picture their wedding anywhere else.

Besides how tucked away Siempre is — “Other places are like, right next to Shake Shack or something,” Brinley said — the couple loved the Siempre staff, including Alexi and Corinne. In fact, Brinley’s father knew Corinne’s family back in the day, so it was like working with family. Siempre was also the perfect space because there was plenty of room for all of their guests. “I didn’t want anyone to feel cluttered,” Brinley explained.

Brecken and Brinley had a beautiful ceremony and reception at the Siempre venue. Their wedding spoke to their love of the outdoors and coziness, with golds, tans, earthy tones, and splashes of color from gorgeous wildflowers.

Now, the happy newlyweds have no plans for what’s next. “We’re just enjoying the moment, enjoying each other,” Brecken smiled. “In a few years, we’ll have babies,” Brinley added. “Hopefully, we’ll buy a house someday. But for now, we’re just chilling.”

We loved getting to know this adorable, cozy couple, and devoting everything we could to making their wedding as magical as they always dreamed it would be.

If you loved how Siempre Weddings devoted everything to helping Brinley and Brecken celebrate their love with their dream wedding, and want the same for your own special day, click here to schedule a tour.

Our vendors

Florist: Foret Floral

Candle Sticks: All About You Rentals

Wedding Day Photographer & Videographer: Lunt Films

Bridal Pictures & Engagement Pictures: Tana Willden Photography

Wedding Cake: Mother Mills Cakes


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