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Adventuring Together For Ten Years: Angelica and Omar’s love story

At Siempre, we love to get to know every couple, and learn how their love story came to be. We spoke with Angelica Galindez and Omar Quintero, a couple whose adorable love story dates back to as early as 2009.

Angelica and Omar met in high school, when they were just fifteen and sixteen years old. The two were in each other’s friend circles, but nothing ever happened — or so they thought. Years later, after catching eyes at a restaurant, they messaged each other on Facebook. For a few weeks after the first “heyyy,” Omar would come to Angelica’s house, and they would chat until four or five in the morning. The connection was undeniable.

After building a foundation for nearly ten years, Omar teamed up with Angelica’s cousin to propose to her during a family trip to Hawaii. She did wonder if Omar would propose during the trip, but on the last day, he still hadn’t. Then, that night, they went to dinner with Angelica’s family, before heading to the beach to “take pictures.”

“I was so nervous, I thought I was going to pass out,” Omar said.”

He knew he should have waited until everyone was closer, but he couldn’t take it anymore. At that moment, all that mattered was asking the most important question to the most important person in the world — without falling over.

He secretly gestured to a family member with the ring and knelt down. “No one was around, so I didn’t think anything of it,” Angelica explained. “Next thing I know, Omar’s on his knee.”

“You can’t even hear what we’re saying because the background is just Angelica’s cousin’s girlfriend going, ‘Oh my god! Oh my god!’” Omar laughed.

After almost ten years of adventuring together, the two are finally making their love official on November 12, 2022, one month before their ten-year dating anniversary. The couple chose the Siempre venue for their special day after Angelica first saw it on TikTok. “I saw it, and I was like, ‘Is this real?’ And then I looked it up and I was like, ‘This is the one!’”


Angelica and Omar’s wedding theme will be what we call a “timeless California wedding,” with white, black, and champagne wedding colors and natural accents. But the couple is taking this style and making it their own by incorporating special Fillipino and Mexican traditions. Besides delicious food from both cultures, they will also use the traditional Fillipino unity veil and unity cord. Above all, Angelica and Omar want the perfect balance of traditional and timeless.

After their special day, Angelica and Omar plan to keep on doing exactly what they’ve been doing for ten years — adventuring together.

“We’re so similar that we’re just down to go to whatever cities and explore,” Omar said.

“Every day is like date day,” Angelica added.

It was a delight to get to know Angelica and Omar, and we cannot wait to help make their beautiful traditional wedding a wonderful success.

Our vendors so far:

Caterer: Rhochelle Roquiero- Kitchen Love Catering @chef_rhochelle

Videographer: @emmak_films

Wedding Dresses: Marys Bridal and Alta Moda


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