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Forever dance partners: Nicole and Jared’s love story

It’s time for another installment of our favorite blog series, where we sit down with happy Siempre couples to discuss the story of their love, who they are as a couple, and how Siempre helped them bring their wedding vision to reality! This month’s Love Story features Nicole and Jared Alley, who tied the knot on September 9th, 2022. Read on to learn more about this adorable couple, like how they met, and what makes their relationship truly unique.

Though Jared and Nicole grew up in two different states, with Jared in Utah and Nicole in Nevada, they pursued a passion that united them forever. They both love dancing, and have been doing it all their lives.

Nicole and Jared’s love story Siempre Wedding Venue

When Nicole started her first year in the BYU ballroom dance program, it turned out that Jared had already made quite a name for himself on the ballroom team, even while he served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Nicole kept hearing about him constantly. When Jared came home, Nicole was enjoying her first year of touring with the BYU ballroom team. They ended up spending a lot of time together. “He had a girlfriend, and I was dating someone, but we got really close as friends.” Even once they were both single, they continued to get closer and closer, until Jared joined the touring company and they set off on their first trip together to California with the rest of their team. During that trip, their relationship shifted drastically, and it wasn’t long before Jared asked her out on an official date.

“I was quick to say yes,” Nicole smiled. “I feel like we were inseparable after that California trip.”
Nicole and Jared’s love story Siempre Wedding Venue

And they stayed inseparable, especially during their tour in Europe, where they performed in Germany, Belgium, and France. “In Paris, we were on top of the Eiffel Tower, and as a prank, we fake-proposed,” Nicole explained. “We were laughing, everyone was laughing…but then he and I were like, ‘hmmmm…’”

“We were sitting in a restaurant in Paris, wishing it was real,” Jared laughed.

“And that’s what propelled us to decide to get married,” Nicole said.

They started planning at full force, which is how Nicole stumbled on Siempre. She had never seen our venue before, which, according to her, was strange, because you usually see a lot of the same venues being used over and over again in Utah. When the Siempre destination popped up on Nicole’s Instagram feed, she was dazzled, and knew she wanted a tour.

“We lucked out because we had the only Friday available all the way until the following year,” Nicole beamed.

“Once we got back to the U.S. and toured it, we were like, ‘Yeah, this is the one.’” Jared added.

After their prank proposal, Jared knew that he wanted to make their real proposal even more special. “I took her mom out to the Alpine Loop, and we drove the whole thing a few times before I found the spot,” he explained. “I helped her lay down a blanket with pillows and Martinelli’s, and then had Nicole come meet me. It was perfect.”

Nicole says that from the moment they walked through the door on their first Siempre tour, they knew they had come to the right place.

“I just knew we were in safe hands,” Nicole said. “I knew our event was going to be incredible because, one, the venue was already so beautiful, but two, the people helping us were so competent and so good at what they did. The venue became the last thing I was worried about. I just knew it was going to be amazing.”

Nicole and Jared’s love story Siempre Wedding Venue

“On our tour, we got to meet Golden,” Jared said. “And we got to experience his vision of Siempre, and that was also very calming. It gave us so much hope that everything would be great.”

Jared and Nicole had a beautiful luncheon and reception at Siempre, after their religious ceremony at the Mount Timpanogos LDS temple. To match their coziness as a couple, they had a soft, subtle wedding with lots of neutral creams, ivories, and pinks.

Now, three months of marriage later, the joy of being husband and wife is indescribable — especially dancing together.

“It’s easier, because you already have this connection that you have to fake-create when you have a random partner. And you have a mutual interest in each other’s happiness, and that makes it more rewarding.”

Nicole and Jared’s love story Siempre Wedding Venue

Now, as they continue to dance through life together, Nicole and Jared plan to finish school and move to North Carolina to be with Nicole’s sister and her family. They don’t know what else life will bring, but they know they can get through anything together.

“That’s the difference between a boyfriend and a life partner,” Nicole explained. “I would want this man to raise kids with me, to be with me through every trial. I found someone who gives me peace all the time, instead of the whirlwinds of emotions that you think is the ideal because of the movies.”

Jared feels the same. “I knew I was with the right person because I could finally be myself around her,” he said. “Our dates were so nonchalant and casual because I didn’t feel like I had to be someone I wasn’t, and take her on some extravagant date just to impress her. I could be who I was. And I fell in love with who she was.”

We loved meeting Nicole and Jared, and doing everything in our power to make their reception everything they wanted it to be. We wish them the best of luck with all that life will bring, and hope they never stop dancing!


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