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Six summer wedding trends for 2023

A sunny summer day is the perfect time to say your “I do’s.” We’ve loved seeing couples add a unique twist to their own summer weddings, and are here to dish out 2023’s best summer wedding trends. From big flowers to bold colors, statement aisles to intimate weddings, we’re sure you’ll find something to inspire you for your own special day. Keep reading for six unique summer wedding trends to get your creative wheels turning!

Sustainable weddings

With a growing focus on sustainability, many couples are opting to make their weddings eco-friendly. This can include using recycled materials for plates, cutlery, invitations, and even decorations, sourcing locally grown flowers and food, using biodegradable confetti, and more.

Remember: something is better than nothing.

Even if only one aspect of your wedding is sustainable, it still makes a difference!

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Instead of having all bridesmaids wear the same dress, many brides are choosing dresses in complementary colors and styles for the ladies in their lives. This creates a unique look that allows each bridesmaid to showcase her individual personality. It’ll make your bridesmaids happy — and your wedding pictures much more vibrant.

Giant flowers

From oversized peonies to voluminous roses, we’ve seen brides use large, bold blooms to make a statement on their special day. Not only do they add a romantic and playful touch to any wedding, but they also create a dramatic focal point for your guests. Consider using giant flowers in your bridal bouquet, centerpieces, and anywhere else you want a splash of florals.

Alternative seating

Adding an original twist to your wedding might be as simple as changing up the chairs!

We’ve seen couples ditch traditional seating arrangements for more unconventional options, such as floor cushions, picnic blankets, and lounge areas.

These types of choices are still comfortable for your guests, but impact the aesthetic of your wedding in an amazing way.

Statement aisles

Instead of the traditional white runner down the aisle, couples are getting creative with bold designs that reflect their personalities. Whether it's a zany geometric pattern or a whimsical floral design, statement aisles make walking down the aisle much more dynamic.

You can use flower petals, candles, balloons, or personalized signage or mementos to create a unique look.

We hope these trends have been helpful to solidify your vision for your summer wedding. No matter what you decide, we know your special day will be spectacular.

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