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Love that’s a hole in one: Jade and Conner’s Love Story

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

A new month means a new Love Story — and this one is super adorable. We sat down with newlywed Jade Halford to get the scoop on how her relationship with her husband, Conner, blossomed. Read on to learn how the two met, how Conner proposed, and how Siempre helped them create a lovely Italian-inspired wedding.

There were two different opportunities for Jade to meet her forever partner before she actually met him. First, they were both invited to a getaway at a friend’s cabin, but didn’t cross paths. Then, a month later, Jade’s friend asked if she wanted to go on a blind date. “It ended up actually being with Conner,” Jade said, “But I couldn’t go.” Finally, she was invited to go to a Lakers watch party, where, finally, she officially met the man she fell in love with.


Their first date was fun and casual: dinner and Top Golf. The two had a blast, and then watched a movie at her friend’s house for a cozy end to a great night. From that golf date, their connection only continued to strengthen, and they dated for two years.

On a cold November day, the two got home from church, and Jade went straight to her sweats. “There’s no way I was staying in a church dress all day!” she exclaimed. Little did she know that her cozy Sunday afternoon was going to get interesting.

While they were relaxing on the couch, Conner’s phone rang. It was their friend, explaining that Elder Uchtdorf, a prominent leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was speaking close by. Conner’s friend’s father was helping with the fireside, and he needed volunteers to hold microphones for questions. Conner, of course, agreed, telling Jade to change back into some church clothes. “I felt like I really needed to look my best,” Jade explained. “I mean, it was Elder Uchtdorf! So I got really done up.” Then, Conner’s dad, who works for a security company, called to ask for help with some malfunctioning alarms at Sleepy Ridge golf course. Jade protested at Conner’s leaving, but he promised he would be quick. After a bit of waiting, Conner called and told Jade that they were almost done, and that it would be faster if she came to pick him up.

“I was like, really mad,” Jade laughed. But despite her frustration, she headed to Sleepy Ridge golf course to pick up Conner. Immediately, she spotted a golf cart adorned with fairy lights and flowers. “I’m really dumb,” she chuckled. “Because my first thought was, ‘Oh, maybe there was a wedding here.’” And she walked right past the golf cart without a second thought. It wasn’t until she saw their friend, a photographer and videographer, camera in hand, that she realized what was going on.

“He was like, ‘Go on the golf cart!’” she laughed. When she finally got close enough to it, she found a note with a poem about their love.

The poem finished with:

"You have my whole heart. Go around the bend to where the game ends.”

Their first date was at Top Golf, so it was only fitting for Conner to propose on the ninth hole of the most beautiful golf course in Utah. To complete the moment, all of their friends and family popped out of the bushes after the proposal, and Jade found herself surrounded by the people she loved most, including her brand-new fiance.

As Jade had always been dreaming about her wedding, she’d had her wedding planned for years, even down to the venue. Even though she already knew she wanted to get married at a ranch in Northern Utah, Jade decided to look for some other options, just in case. She found Siempre on Instagram, and it was the second one she toured. “Other venues were beautiful,” Jade said.

“But Siempre is literally breathtaking. I was blown away at how amazing it was.”

Jade and Conner made their love official on March 18, 2023. First and foremost, Siempre helped Jade host a beautiful bridal brunch with her bridesmaids, where they got ready for the big day and feasted on some delicacies made special by Siempre's food partner, Magleby's Catering.

The couple had a beautiful ceremony in the stunning Secret Garden room. “I die for the gates in the Secret Garden,” Jade said. In fact, Jade used those gates to make her grand entrance, having them open to reveal her in her gorgeous Italian-inspired dress. After the ceremony, Jade, Conner, and over 500 of Jaden and Conner’s closest friends and family enjoyed a traditional and romantic Italian theme. They brought the vision to life with neutral colors, splashes of greenery, and traditional Italian cuisine, like a delicious pasta bar and gelato for dessert.

Now, the two are enjoying building a life together, as well as supporting each other in their individual careers. Conner started a solar sales company, and after Jade finishes her interior design degree, she plans to start her own interior design firm. They’re also anticipating a move to California eventually, and can definitely see themselves having kids in a few years. Until then, they’re just enjoying all the joy and learning that comes with marriage — and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

We loved learning more about what makes Jade and Conner unique, and helping them have a dreamy Italian wedding that they’ll never forget. We wish them the best, and all the joys a life together will bring!

If you loved the way we helped Jade and Conner celebrate their love, and believe Siempre would be a great fit for your own wedding vision, we’d love to meet you and learn more about how we can help. click here to schedule a tour!

Our vendors so far:

Planning, Design and Styling: @brittwarnickdesigns,

Photographer: @tyandabba

Makeup: @glambymly

Venue & Catering: @siempreutah

Lighting: @moonlightutah

Mini Golf: @parrsminigolf


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