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Building a Strong Foundation: Kate and Niall's Love Story

In another installment of our favorite blog series, we share the adorable love story of Kate and Niall Sherman, who just enjoyed a wonderful ring ceremony at our lovely venue on December 16, 2022. Read this article to learn all the cute details that led them to make their love official, like their first kiss, first date, and how Niall proposed.


It all started when Kate and Niall met on their missions for the LDS church in Jacksonville, Florida. The instant connection between the two budded as a friendship while they finished their missions, and then, six months after Kate returned, their relationship blossomed and kept blossoming for three years.

Their first date was dinner at a cozy and trendy downtown Salt Lake pub by City Creek Mall. The couple enjoyed some delicious sushi and then headed back to Kate’s place so that Niall could meet Kate’s mom, who had wanted to meet this mystery man after hearing about him for the ten months that Kate had continued writing to him.

The road to their first kiss had some “fails,” Kate explained with a laugh. “And then, there was this one night where I ran out into the street after he dropped me off and gave him another opportunity.” Niall must have been nervous because he didn’t kiss her at first. A little disappointed, Kate headed back into her house. But then, Niall struck up the courage.

“He called me and told me that he forgot something.” Kate smiled. “And kissed me in my driveway.”


Kate and Niall spent three years building a strong foundation for their beautiful marriage.


And then, they knew they were ready for the ultimate celebration of their love. Because Kate’s family had some pretty big events coming up, she had graciously given Niall a timeline of when to propose. Meanwhile, Niall planned a photoshoot at a scenic spot near Guardsman Pass in Park City, dotted with gorgeous wildflowers. To throw Kate off guard, he also invited some random friends to come photograph them, and then, at just the right moment, Niall got down on one knee and asked Kate to be his forever sweetheart.

“It was something that I definitely saw coming,” Kate chuckled.

Whether it was because of her timeline, or from noticing how fancy Niall had dressed up for the photos, or even his nervous sweating, she had a feeling of what was to come. But that didn’t change how much joy she felt in the moment.


The couple found out about Siempre because Niall grew up in Draper, right near the LDS temple, which is also very close to our beautiful wedding destination. Back when Siempre was just our founder’s dream, Niall sent the virtual render from our Instagram page to Kate about a year before they started looking at venues. “He was just like, ‘Oh, there's this new venue coming up, like right here next to my house. And maybe it could be a cool one down the road.’”

It was the first venue they went to see, and after taking in the picturesque scenery and beautiful interior, it was their last.


On a brilliant winter’s day, Siempre devoted everything we could to creating the wedding of Kate and Niall’s dreams. For their wedding colors, Kate chose deep burgundy, striking champagne, and elegant black, with notes of florals and eucalyptus that balanced with the rich winter colors perfectly. After the ring ceremony, Kate and Niall hosted an intimate dinner with family and friends, followed by a much larger reception with dancing and desserts.

After two months of bliss, the happy couple is working hard to prepare for their future. Niall is working and attending school full-time to study accounting. Kate is enjoying working full-time in the floral and boutique industry. Once Niall finishes school, the two lovebirds dream of leaving Utah at some point, maybe to move back to Florida, where they met, or to North or South Carolina. Whatever they decide, they’re just happy to be building a life together — on top of the solid foundation they’ve already been laying for years.


We loved learning about Kate and Niall as a couple, especially their silly and adorable engagement story. Their winter wedding came together beautifully, and we adored helping them make their wedding dreams a reality. We wish the happy couple all the best with their studies, careers, moving plans, and, of course, all the other adventures that come with marriage.

If you loved learning how Siempre Weddings brought Kate and Niall’s dream wedding to life, and want the same for your own special day, click here to schedule a tour.

Our vendors so far:

Wedding Planner: Belle Bodas Events

Venue: Siempre

Makeup: Sam Dawes

Florist: Plume

Catering: Culinary Crafts

Photographer: photosbykenzelaine

Videographer: Autumn Shipp

Lighting: Moonlight

Signage: Made. by Jen


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