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“Young Forever” — Alex and Colby’s Love Story

Besides making wedding dreams come true, our favorite part of being part of the Siempre team is getting to know our amazing couples and the unique journeys that led them to our venue. For this installment of our Love Story articles, we sat down with Alex Peck, who married her sweetheart Colby on August 4th. Read on to learn how the two met, how Colby proposed, and how we helped to bring their wedding vision to life.

Nicole and Jared’s love story Siempre Wedding Venue

Alex and Colby Peck's love story began over ten years ago. “We actually knew each other in high school,” Alex laughed. “When it came to dating, we were always like…’no.’” The two were content to be best friends and kindled that friendship through dating other people and starting college. It wasn't until Colby returned from his LDS mission that the two reconnected and started dating. From that moment, their love and connection only grew stronger.

On their first official date, Colby took Alex on a Christmas light tour.

“He picked me up and had hot chocolate and blankets in his car, with a list of all these cool houses with awesome Christmas lights.”
Nicole and Jared’s love story Siempre Wedding Venue

They drove all around, sipping hot chocolate, getting cozy, and oohing and aahing over all the beautifully lit houses.

It wasn’t until their third or fourth date that the two realized things had gotten serious. “We were just sitting there, watching a movie,” Alex explained. “We were both like, ‘Is he going to kiss me?’ ‘Is she going to kiss me?’” Alex and Colby were both so nervous, they waited until the end of the movie before finally making their move. It was their first kiss, and even though Alex admits it was cheesy, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

As their relationship blossomed, Colby was the first one to say, “I love you.” While the two were upstairs talking after church one Sunday, he sat, listening to her tell a story. “He looked at me and told me he was falling for me,” Alex smiled.

I was like, ‘Really?’ And he took my hands and said, ‘Yes! I love you.’”

When the two best friends decided it was time to make their love official, Alex only had one request: that she wouldn’t see the proposal coming. Colby lied and said that the ring he ordered wasn’t coming for a while, so they wouldn’t get engaged for a long time. Meanwhile, he schemed with Alex’s mom to plan an unforgettable proposal. Alex thought she was getting ready for a birthday party one day, until she came downstairs to find her little brother holding an envelope: the first clue of a scavenger hunt around Lehi, which instructed her to put on the dress that awaited her back in her bedroom.

“Every clue took me to all of our memorable places, all the milestones in our relationship…even our friend groups,” Alex explained.

Finally, the last clue led her back to her house, where Colby had strewn rose petals all the way to the pergola in her family’s backyard, where he gave a beautiful speech and proposed.

On August 4th, Alex and Colby celebrated their love at Siempre. That morning, Alex arrived at the venue with all of her friends and enjoyed a yoga session on the top floor. Siempre served a delicious breakfast of yogurt parfaits and fruit, setting the tone for a romantic and intimate day.

After a beautiful religious ceremony at the Draper LDS temple, the couple enjoyed a dreamy navy blue, tan, and gold wedding luncheon, followed by a photo session around the venue. The highlight of the day was the ring ceremony in our stunning Secret Garden, which was the perfect setting for Alex and Colby's love. Alex was drawn to the Secret Garden because of her love of nature, and its truly breathtaking views.

Nicole and Jared’s love story Siempre Wedding Venue

Alex realized that Colby was the right partner for her when she thought of her own parents’ relationship. Alex has always been inspired by her parents’ bond. “They’re so in love,” she explained. “They’re just best friends, always playing pranks on each other and laughing. I think when I realized I found someone that made me feel like that…just, young forever, and always laughing, that's when I knew.”

Looking ahead, Alex and Colby are excited to travel the world together, but for now, they're enjoying their newlywed status and all the mini adventures that come with it. The two have also talked about starting a family, and can’t wait to keep making memories and building their life together.

Siempre Weddings sends our warmest congratulations to Alex and Colby! It was such a delight to help them bring their vision to life. We hope their deep, ten-year bond just gets stronger and stronger, and wish them many more decades of joy to come.

Are you ready to take the next step and book your dream wedding? Let Siempre Weddings create an unforgettable experience for you - click here to schedule a tour. We can't wait to help make all of your vision come true.

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