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California Dreaming - Meredith and Nicholson’s Love Story

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

In another installment of our favorite Love Story blog series, we sat down with Meredith Garrett to hear all the details about how she met her wonderful husband, how their love grew even states apart, and how Siempre Weddings helped the lovebirds celebrate their unique relationship in style. Keep reading to learn all the adorable details!


Meredith met Nicholson at Disneyland in 2021. She was there with some friends, and he was there with his extended family. “Apparently, he said to his brother, ‘Watch this.’” Meredith laughed.

“And came up to me and asked me for my number.”

The two went on their first date back in Utah a few weeks later, grabbing sushi, and then Nicholson made a strange request: he wanted to watch the UFC fights on TV. “If it had been any other guy, I probably would have said, ‘I’m actually busy, sorry.’” Meredith smiled. “But I said, ‘Let’s do it.’” Even though UFC fights have never been Meredith’s cup of tea, she admitted that she still had the best time, and credits that to being with Nicholson.

The two dated for a couple of months, and then Nicholson received a job offer that would take him to California. “We decided to make the most of the time we had left together,” Meredith said. Once he moved away, they weren’t necessarily exclusive, but they kept in contact and were always drawn to each other. Then, one day, Meredith flew to California to visit him, and their spark rekindled.

Nicholson said — or rather, blurted — “I love you” first. It was before one of her visits to California during their long-distance period, which lasted until they got married. “We were just having a casual conversation, and he kind of just blurted it out,” Meredith laughed. “And he was like, ‘I’m so sad because I was going to wait until you got here so I could say it in person.’ But he just couldn’t wait any longer to say it.”


Meredith was absolutely certain that Nicholson was going to propose to her on December 17th. So nothing struck her as too peculiar when, at the beginning of November, Nicholson suggested they visit a great restaurant during one of her visits to California. Of course, she did wonder for a moment if he was going to propose, but she explained, “I thought that for every single date, we went on.”


They were strolling around a particularly beautiful spot in Laguna Beach, right beneath the Montage Hotel, when they spotted a couple standing near a giant heart that had been traced in the sand. A photographer also stood near the heart, waiting. Excited to see a proposal, she eagerly suggested that they watch it unfold. Then, she had a wild idea. “I said, ‘Let’s just use it,’” Meredith laughed.

“‘Why can’t you propose to me now? Just forget the ring.’” Then, as they walked closer, she changed her mind. “We couldn’t just use someone else’s proposal!”

Nicholson turned to her and laughingly explained to her that this setup was for them, and then got down on one knee. Her parents were there to surprise her, and the photographer captured the moment beautifully. It turned out the other couple was just taking family pictures on the beach, a complete coincidence.

Meredith heard about Siempre from her neighbor, who got married at Siempre and told her she loved it and that she should check it out. As soon as she toured it, Meredith realized it was just her style. “I had my heart set on it.” She loved so many things about having her wedding at Siempre, but one of her favorite things was the breathtaking views, both inside and outside. She also loved how close it was to the Draper, Utah LDS temple.


On February 24th, 2023, Siempre helped Meredith and Nicholson enjoy an elegant winter wedding, including a ring ceremony, luncheon, and reception. The couple chose a simple and sophisticated color scheme: white and black with mauve accents and splashes of greenery. Over 500 guests were in attendance for the reception, and it was a beautiful, unforgettable night.

After a gorgeous day at Siempre, the newlyweds headed to Cancun for their honeymoon, but were unexpectedly extremely sick for the first few days. “We’ve seen the worst of each other within our first week of marriage,” Meredith chuckled. “So that was fun to just get thrown into everything.”

After the difficulty of being apart, and all the craziness of their honeymoon, Meredith and Nicholson are just “doing life together.” “Now that it’s not long distance, it’s like, the best,” Meredith beamed. Nicholson is back at work, and Meredith will finish school, before finding a career of her own. They’re planning several visits to Utah to spend time with loved ones, and are just taking it a day at a time. The best part? They don’t have to say goodbye anymore.

We adored learning more about Meredith and Nicholson’s story. It was an absolute pleasure to help them create a special day they will never forget, and to make their celebration of their love truly unique.

If you loved how Siempre Weddings devoted everything to helping Meredith and Nicholson with their dreamy winter wedding, and want the same for your own special day, click here to schedule a tour.

Our vendors so far:

Dress: Pritchett

Florals/Wedding Planner: Cynthia Thorsen

Food: Magelbys

Photographer: Haleyadellphoto

Videographer: Tropical Films


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