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What to expect from a Siempre tour

If you’re considering Siempre as the place to host your dream wedding, we’re delighted that you’ve found us, and we would be honored to help. Siempre is a first-class wedding destination; we only provide exceptional experiences personalized to you and your partner’s uniqueness. Whether you’ve scheduled a tour already or are about to, here’s a peek at what a tour of our destination is like.

When you arrive

Our founder Golden Holt wanted to give his guests the best of the best. This experience starts right when you set foot on our grounds.

Depending on the weather, one of our staff will greet you either outside or in our main lobby. Upon your arrival (and the arrival of whoever else you’d love to bring — the more the merrier!), we’ll have a quick chat so we can really understand you and your wedding vision. This helps us know how we can best make your wedding a seamless and unforgettable experience completely personalized to your tastes. Don’t forget to take in our breathtaking views. Siempre is known for our gorgeous natural landscapes.

The Siempre tour

We start the tour by leading you into our magical gardens, perfect for an outdoor wedding. Both the Secret Garden and the Rotunda Garden have beautiful views and distinguishing features that give them their own unique charm. Our staff will guide you through the defining features of each garden, helping you envision your ceremony or reception.

Next, you’ll see our main entrance, and be dazzled by the exquisite crystal hanging chandeliers and the hand-painted gold wall. You’ll learn just how much thought has been put into making your day as easy and unforgettable as possible.

After the main entrance, we’ll lead you to the wedding suites, which are designed entirely with the couple in mind. We’ll also show you the beautiful furniture and highlight the expert craftsmanship of both rooms’ defining features. You’ll realize that we’ve thought of everything possible to make your wedding perfect, such as providing an en suite bathroom, a place to store your perfect wedding gown or tuxedo, and your exit outfit. The large marble counter is perfect for the wedding party to be pampered with hair and makeup. Sofas and chairs make this room a place where you and your wedding party can relax, prepare mentally, and celebrate with your wedding party toast.

Besides our unbelievable views and hand-crafted furnishings, Siempre is also known for our delicious food and fully customizable menu. When you come for a catering tasting, we will help you plan a menu from start to finish with our in-house chef.

During your tour, you’ll see all of Siempre’s unique, hand-picked features, like the Juliet balcony, our imported antique doors, and other intricate details of the venue. We’ll help you start mapping out your dream wedding — and provide details on how we’ll devote everything to make it the most magical and personalized experience possible.

Every wedding is a masterpiece

Something that is unique to Siempre is that we don’t provide wedding “packages” because we don’t want your wedding to simply be a replica. We’ll stock the bar with your favorite drinks, provide high-quality linens, help you design your tablespace to match your unique vision, and ensure an equally magical guest experience. We’ve thought of everything, from wheelchair accessibility to dietary restrictions. This is your day, and as you’ll learn during your tour, our entire staff is dedicated to offering every comfort that will make your wedding a truly first-class experience.

If you haven’t scheduled a tour at our destination yet, schedule one now. We cannot wait to meet you and show you all Siempre has to offer. It truly is the best of the best! When you decide to have your wedding at our destination, you become part of the Siempre family.

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